Things that Causes Acne

Acne, or also known as acne vulgaris has been known to be a teenager’s archenemy. There are so many factors that contribute to how acne pops up in your face, and it happens to a teenager during puberty, and it also happens to an adult. And perhaps you’ve tried various acne medications, and it doesn’t work. Worry no further, here we have listed several things and factors that might cause acne on your face, make sure to read this article to find out more.

Touching your face

touching face
This tip is probably what your dermatologist or your friends told you whenever you ask on how to stop making acne pops up in your face. Touching your face with your dirty hands can cause bacterias and dirt to get on your face, which will clog your face and trigger an acne to pop. To make matters worse if you pick or pop your pimples, it will cause acne scarring and redness, and spread the dirty acne all around, which means more acne will pop up. If you have to pop your acne make sure that your pimple is a whitehead, not new ones before you pop it, and use a sterilized needle to pop your pimple.

Tip: after popping a pimple you can use acne ointment or alcohol on your face to kill the remaining bacteria.


A specific diet might cause your face to trigger a breakout. Usually, dairy and spicy foods are the cause of your breakouts, so make sure to eat healthy foods such as vegetables or fruits that contain vitamin c. Collagens are known for clearing acne, prevent wrinkles and early-aging, and it is easy to be found in food, for example, a wild-farmed salmon contain collagens which are great for your skin.

Not washing your face

The biggest mistake someone did that could cause a breakout is by not washing their face, especially if they went out so often. Not washing your face at least once a day can cause more oil clogged in your skin, and bacteria and dirt, which means more acne that will appear on your face. Make sure to wash and remove any makeup on your face before you go to bed for clear skin.

Tip: there’s a lot of facial cleanser in the market nowadays in various types, make sure to use the one that fits your skin type. Gel cleansers fit the oily face, while face foam fits dry face, cream cleanser fits combination skin.

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